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Because of the increasingly tighter requirements in the recycling market we have, besides our principle business of recovered paper, also specialised in the marketing of plastics of all kinds. We now have a highly diversified customer structure in Europe and reliable partners for export to Asia. We would be pleased to give you prices for complete and combined loads of the materials below and quote you for special fractions.

Are you interested in acquiring different grades of plastic? We would be happy to acquire for you the desired raw material through our Europe-wide network of suppliers.

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Dipl. Min. Daniel T. C. Jutz

Öko Logic Management

+49 160 96416535

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 HD-PE mix drums, canisters, IBC, fuel oil tanks
 PP/PE A mix, large pieces, PVC-free
 PP/PE/PS/ABS B mix, sortable, 1% PVC
 TV-PC casing ABS/PC/PP, black/white
 PP Big Bags-B white, with in-liner, also recyclate
 PE granulate bags
 Agrofoil, sorted, LDPE and LLDPE, white, green
 PP cords/bale cord
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